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Posted 06 February 2012 - 11:46 AM

The meaning behind Forum Battle

Car forums have come along way from “my (insert car make and model) is better then your (insert car make and model).”

It sounds familiar to a iconic race series we have here in Australia. But it was after Will posted his Forum battle Competitor Entry, that he nailed the meaning of Forum Battle on the head while sharing his feature on OZMAZDACLUB.

”The whole concept of the Forum Battle revolves around ‘love’. We are all coming together to appreciate the entire spectrum of car scenes and have an awesome time. It will be a big event with television coverage as well. If you want to attend one of the largest forum events in Australian history, this is it. Make sure you don’t miss it and again, if you are interested in participating, it is not about winning” – ttshark

“Coming together to appreciate the entire spectrum of car scenes and have an awesome time” Forum battle couldn’t of have said it any better. Look past the name Forum Battle, the categories, and point system and it’s a show, a festival and a celebration of what online car forums are about offline.
In the real world, where the keyboard is as useful as using a hammer to take off a 12mm bolt, all that really matters, is driving our cars, meeting up with mates and catching up, to outsiders looking in, instantly we fall under the “hoons, reckless rev heads” label, and it’s time we make a difference and start using the power of the media to make a change. Charles Kha, Chief Editor of Speedhunters, puts it perfectly (he’s also been recently featured on Zen garage)

”It’s not easy to be a modifier these days. While our scene has finally gone from underground obscurity to mainstream acknowledgment (modified cars have infiltrated television, toys, video games, movies, fashion and music), we are now facing a growing number of obstacles…”

“…Then there are the seemingly never-ending pressures from society. While our car culture may be recognised by the mainstream, it doesn’t mean we’ve been accepted. The media continue to circle above us, waiting to pounce the moment there’s a car crash involving a modified car or young driver. This in turn compels politicians – vying for the public’s vote – to put pressure on the Authorities to clamp down on us with stricter regulations and harsher penalties.” – Charles Kha, Autosalon Magazine, Issue 85, 2010.

How do car forums and the car scene move forward and stamp out this “hoon” image? Do what we do best: get together and have a good old time enjoying our cars the way they were built for, and show the media, the outsiders, that not all of us are “hoons” but are brothers, sisters, sons and daughters with one passion for cars.

We’ve all at one stage or another, seen video clips from the U.S , Japan and UK of epic car festivals. A field of 300+ cars show and shine, 9 sec drag cars, blistering fast time attack machines and drift cars that pump smoke effortlessly. Events like this are also not a new thing for Australia, with one recently being broadcasted across all the TV networks news show. But not all of us own or are interested in old school muscle and carby v8 powered cars (Even though I understand and recognize its importance) a utopian like event still doesn’t exist.

It’s time to embrace the lifestyle we love and work so hard for, cause car culture is here to stay and so we should be proud of it.

Forum Battle Team

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Posted 06 February 2012 - 01:18 PM

ForumBattle information pack - please read!

Can a forum enter more than 2 cars per discipline?
Yes! A forum can enter more than two cars per racing discipline. The top two points scoring entrants will go towards your forums overall points tally.

Can I enter multiple events?
Due to popular demand Forum Battle will be opening the flood gates, and allowing competitors to enter multiple disciplines, every competitor will also automatically gain VIP access and be entered into the show shine event..

Points gained in these events will also go to your Forums total point score. PRIZES,PRIZES,PRIZES. Winning is always sweeter when you get to take home a trophy and prizes. But what if you could take a big chunk of the 20K prize pool? We say if you’ve got the car to do the job, don’t hold back.

And for those of us lucky enough to have sponsors helping us out, this is a great opportunity to send some love back to the sponsors and get great coverage+ reach for all those important potential customers. Forum Battle will have multiple car bloggers, photographers and video bloggers all making the trip to Calder Park to cover Forum Battle.
Time Attack and the Lap Dash Cars

Time Attack and/or the Lap Dash
Below is the timetable for any cars that are involved in the Time Attack and/or The Lap Dash

Below is the timetable for any cars that are involved in the Motorkhana only
Note Entrants in this group may register at the earlier time if required

400m Sprint only Cars
Below is the timetable for any cars that are involved in the 400m Sprint only
Note Entrants in this group may register at one of the earlier times if required

Trailer Parking
The Paddock/Service area or Pits for the Forum Challenge Cars will only allow for competition cars. All trailers must be parked at the south end of the Thunderdome. Any cars on trailers must be at the circuit prior to 7:00am and will not be able to be removed until 10pm

A maximum of 2 Crew per car can be registered as per the official entry form for $10 each per day and will be allowed access within the competition car prior to public gates open time. Note – this is 2 crew members per car NOT per discipline.

CAMS Licence
We are working organising a single day licence with CAMS now so stay tuned…

CAMS Sup Regs
Supplementary Regs: http://www.rally.com...s_SR_030112.pdf

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Posted 06 February 2012 - 03:22 PM

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be strapped into the bucket seat of a rally car, while be thrown side ways into corner, at full noise? Forum battle is giving one lucky person shot gun in a ARC Rally car at Calder Park, other prizes include:

x2 free entry for show and shine
x2 mothers bucket deal
x4 free forum battle single day passes
Competition closes: 16/FEB/2012

To enter, visit the Forum Battle facebook page: CLICK HERE, hit the “like” button and tell us on our wall what prize you would like to Win.

(Mods if you feel this post is inappropriate please delete)

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Posted 08 February 2012 - 12:19 PM

For those wondering about what the Gymkhana layout looks like.
The video features Dan Day using Steve Glenney's STI Spec-C.

Test out your hand braking skills!

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Posted 09 February 2012 - 05:38 PM

Good news guys, we have organised a single day CAMS licence. The CAMS licence will be available for $70 and can be bought on the day. It includes car club membership and CAMS licence through the MG Club Vic.

This weeks Competitor update sees more entrants into the Street Class.

Steve Reed from OZMPS has entered his Mazda MPS 3 turbo. This is one quick front wheel drive which regularly competes in the ADVAN Neova Cup. Steve is no slouch behind the wheel and is always looking to improve, recently taking out an award at the recent ADVAN Neova Cup night for quickest in his category.

Representing Pulsar Group of Australia (PGA) is Gareth. Gareth has been busy preparing this Pulsar for a CA18DET conversion however he is not sure it will be ready for Forum Battle.
We'll find out on the day whether Gareth will represent Pulsar.org in his completed CA conversion or the the original 18LE with 350,000K’s on the clock.

Another PGA entrant is Brad and his VZR Pulsar. This VZR N1 V2 is a limited edition light weight Race spec version from factory. While only 200 were meant to be made due to the price only 36 have been recorded that Brad and pulsar.org.au knows of so far. From the factory the race spec Pulsar gets R33 GTR seats, light weigh Enkei wheels and the most powerful naturally aspirated 1.6L engine ever produced.

To finish of PGA's latest bunch of entrants is Steve and his SSS track weapon. Steve’s Pulsar may look fairly standard, because that's exactly the way he likes it, “I love the look of peoples faces when I scream past them on the straight of Sandown and Phillip Island.” The Pulsar has a GTi-R conversion with forged rods and pistons as well as a few other goodies which results in 235kw at the wheels! Steve will be representing Pulsar.org in the Rally and Time Attack.

Pedro representing Euro Revolution has managed to get his hands on a very hot hatch for Forum Battle. This ex GPT production race car was originally part of a factory VW team. These cars were very quick back in 2005 GPT era even with the limited modifications allowed back in that series.

Boosted Falcon is home to Australia's quickest NA I6 Falcon. Scott’s project car is constantly under going more modifications to shave seconds of his drag times. Scott's aim is to get his 230rwkw EA Falcon it into the low 12′s without the help of boost or laughing gas. Scott will be representing Boosted Falcon in the 1/4 mile drag and hoping to get further into the low 12′s.

Another loyal user representing Boosted Falcon and 90's Falcons in general is Pat. Pat’s 1994 ED Fairmont Ghia, has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The Falcon was originally a present from his older brother and was riddled with problems but Pat grew to love it. This is its second engine conversion and with a new turbo set up Pat was getting 270RWKWs but Pat is aiming higher and hopes to get a retune before Forum Battle.

Rounding up the current Boosted Falcon team is Pete and his GLi Wagon. Pete will be strutting his stuff in the Show'n'shine on the Sunday. The Wagon's mods include a shaved rear wiper and wiper nozzle to give it a clean look as well as an NF Fairlane velour interior with chrome highlights to the inside. Outside now has a Fairmont front, EL Fairmont door moulds, NF Fairlane chrome window moulds and clear repeaters. The rear quirky window Venetians blinds came with car, and Pete has never had the need to take them off.

Wheels vary as Pete changes his mind a lot, currently its sitting on standard steelies until he settles on something else he likes.

Representing Opel Oz is Adam and his Astra van which was imported as it was never sold in Australia. Adam believes it to be one of only two in Australia.
It is still stock at this point as the car still needs to have a roadworthy inspection because it was imported from England and therefore does not have a compliance plate.

Adam will be doing a road trip to his first show'n'shine at Calder Park. Look out for the Astra van at Forum Battle!

For Team Fullboost is Andrew who will be competing in 2 events (Rally and Time attack category). Andrew's R34 GTR earns the Godzilla status with a list of mods goes on forever (which can be seen HERE). As for experience, Andrew has raced in F3, Forumla Ford, Formula Vee, saloon cars, hill climbed since he was 14, and drifted in the Red Rock Noodle Bar ute.

To read the full articles on any of the cars featured above or any previously featured cars visit: forumbattle.com.au

Make sure to enter our Facebook competition: Forum Battle Facebook page
Simply "Like" our page and tell us on our wall which prize you would like to WIN!

Major Prize
A ride in a rally car at Calder Park

Minor Prize
2x Free entry for the Show'n'shine
2x Mothers Bucket deal
4x Free Forum Battle Single day

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Posted 10 February 2012 - 07:18 PM

Forum Battle 400m Sprint / Drag racer, please read the below. CAMS latest bulletin release covers all things drag racing.
Official CAMS bulletin here: http://www.rally.com...ulletin_4.2.pdf

Calder Park 400m Sprint – Minimum Requirements
An addition to the Vehicle Eligibility as per the event supplementary regulations will be Calder Park requirements as per:

• All wheels nuts fitted.
• No hub caps or dress rims permitted.

• No bald tyres unless they are a purpose race tyre. (Slick are not permitted)
• No mis matched tyres from left to right or visa versa.
• Tyre clearance between fenders and tyres require a minimum clearance of 9.5 mm or 3/8 inches.

Battery retention:
Battery fix to a frame/body of the vehicle. Dry Cell (Gell) batteries are permitted inside the vehicle however particular attention will be made to the fixing of the battery. If the battery is NOT fixed using high strength (High tensile) bolts and quality materials determined by scrutineering, then it will not pass. (Note: Tech Screws or self tapers, are not permitted to retain anything in a vehicle that is racing.)

• Door Panels that retain interior door handles switches etc must be retained.
• Back seat removal is permitted as long as the boot is sealed from a battery or
• fuel system if they are fitted to the vehicle.
• Seat Belts must not be frayed and in operating condition. NOTE: A minimum
• LAP/SASH seat belt is mandatory at Calder Park. Just lap belts not permitted.
• Seats that are broken are not permitted.

• No broken steering wheels permitted,
• No free play in steering permitted that would not pass road worthy.

• Neutral Safety switch must be operational,
• Neutral Lock Out on the shifter must be operational.• Suspension:
• Vehicle must have suspension travel.

• All Street Vehicles MUST retain all body panels properly. Eg, Vehicles post
• manufacture of 1938 without hoods not permitted.

• Dual Springs on the Throttle return on ALL Engines fitted with a Carby/s.
• NO Oil Leaks permitted.
• General tidiness, ie, no loose wires, clamps, tools etc permitted.

• All Vehicles fitted with a Radiator MUST have a Catch Can (overflow bottle) or equivalent.

Cars running quicker than 10.99 seconds, as aforementioned details above and the following:
• Minimum 4 point roll cage,
• Minimum 4 point Safety Harness,
• Longer wheels studs protruding beyond the face of the rim by 1 diameter of
• the wheel stud.
• Open Headers permitted, but are not to point down toward the track
• Engine Oil Filter Clamp required on spin off type filters. NOTE: System 1 and
• Oberg type filter designs are exempt.
• Drive Shaft Loop,

Cars running quicker than 9.99 seconds, as aforementioned details above and the following:
• Minimum 6 point roll cage,
• Minimum 5 point Safety Harness,
• Vehicles running faster than 140 mph require a parachute.

Additional Safety Equipment
• Window Nets: To the standard listed in Schedule I of the CAMS Manual
• Helmet: A level B helmet, as listed in Schedule D of the CAMS Manual
• Flame-retardant overalls: Level C outwear as listed in Schedule D of the
• CAMS Manual
• Gloves, Socks & Shoes: Level A as listed in Schedule D of the CAMS Manual

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Posted 13 February 2012 - 05:24 PM

Founded in August 2011 by Grant Salter and Gwyn Morgan, Grip Shift Slide was hatched during lasts years visit to World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney, sitting in their hotel room, looking at a bunch of expensive camera gear, flight tickets and rental cars… They asked themselves ”why are we doing this?” the answer, give the Victorian scene what it needs; support and exposure.

Grip Shift Slide have confirmed 20 cars for Forum Battle, each unique in their own special way.

For full feature on team Grip Shift Slide visit our Forum Battle website (Here) or like our facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news (Here).

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Posted 14 February 2012 - 01:50 PM

Forums unite because this may the only chance we get.
Once in a blue moon does something like Forum Battle come along and presents itself . Remember the first time you joined a forum and instantly felt at home to it. You thought to yourself how awesome it was to find other liked minded people with the same interest, had the same way of thinking and someone who liked and appreciated the same cars and things as you do. Remember how nervous you were when you attended your very first car meet, standing next to your car waiting, a little too early, not knowing what to expect. Remember when you bought your very first forum sticker and how precious that 5 dollar sticker meant to you . Repping it so proudly knowing that you’re a part of something special. This is the magic of forums and car clubs.

Why Compete at Forum battle? Simply because you are proud of your forum, proud of the members ( that are now also lifelong friends), proud of what it stands for and how its changed your life. Now is the time to give back to the forums that have given you so much.

Forum battle isn’t about winning. It’s about representing and supporting your forum and putting your car and the sticker it wears so proudly into good use. A Forum is an extension of us, we spend most if not all our time on forums, laughing, crying and finding inspiration, it’s time we be proud of it and give more than $5 back. Surely its worth more!

We’ve all at one stage wanted to know what it feels like to be a race car driver and be part of a race event. We’ve all dreamt of racing, building the perfect machine and racing it. Some of us are lucky enough, and some of us have to work our butts off to save for a set of coilovers. The saying ” you have to either have to be born into it , or have rich parents” usually gets thrown around when the topic of racing comes up.

BUT, what if you could? What if there was a way where you could compete in a National CAMS event that didn’t need an expensive roll cage , expensive safety gear and any street car was eligible? Forum Battle by far is cheaper than any race series or CAMS event on the calendar. An entry fee of $420 ( Time attack : $200 + any other race category : $150 + Single Day CAMS licence ) will get you a whole days worth of racing in multiple events, TV coverage, free entry into the Show and Shine and be part of a National CAMS event.

Forum Battle is a win for the small guys. We don’t think there has ever been a time when any sort of motoring institution has taken car forums and car clubs seriously, and now we have been given an opportunity to come together and to show the motoring sport bigwigs that we’re the back bone, the nervous system and are as important to them as the big budget race teams. Without your support Forum Battle could go as easily as it has come .

A total of 90 competitors have registered, with spots left in many of the categories. Help us make this event as unforgettable as possible.

Be proud of your forum, join today.

Forum Battle Team.

Visit us at: http://forumbattle.com.au/

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 02:29 PM

Show’n’shines are always more interesting when you have a friend there to discuss your opinions with.
We are a generous bunch here at Forum Battle so we have decided that Show’n’shine entrants will receive a free extra ticket so you can bring a mate on the Sunday.
So $90 now gets you show’n’shine entry and you get to bring a friend in for free to support your forum. So why haven’t you entered yet?

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 03:58 PM

The FWD category has seen numerous entrants, strongest from Pulsar Group of Australia, Opelaus and OZMPS club . A friendly rivalry is emerging as Forum Battle draws ever so closer. Entries from all camps are similarly modified and are capable in their own rights to take the win.
Keep an eye out for this rivalry on the day. All are regular and seasoned racers saying that they can’t wait to battle it out.

Honda, Ford and Toyota are all missing FWD competitors, which is a shame. As we can think of several iconic FWD cars from theses makes (Corollas, Civics, Integras, Startlets & Focus). Actually Honda is missing from every category. There’ll be no VTEC YO! at Forum Battle.
Remember your forum will benefit more from multiple entries rather than one single quick car representing the whole forum. This is a group event, so if you want to win make sure you get other forum members involved.

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 05:14 PM

QUOTE (motorculture @ 15 Feb 2012, 02:29 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Show’n’shines are always more interesting when you have a friend there to discuss your opinions with.
We are a generous bunch here at Forum Battle so we have decided that Show’n’shine entrants will receive a free extra ticket so you can bring a mate on the Sunday.
So $90 now gets you show’n’shine entry and you get to bring a friend in for free to support your forum. So why haven’t you entered yet?

Cause its 1,500 ks away sad.gif

Have you posted up on the XR5 forums for FWD Ford ?


They have a few Melbourne Members

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Posted 16 February 2012 - 08:10 PM

Jokes and smiles will be plentiful throughout pit lane at Calder Park, but as soon as the clock starts and the green flag is woven it will be all business for team Evo Oz, SAU and Oz RX7.

EvoOz – Nik Kalis, SAU-Adam Newton, OzRx7- Brad Trenwith will all be going head to head in the Pro class, each of the cars are capable of taking out the win. Nik Kalis at last years World Time Attack won its class, Adam Newton’s Big Red is more then capable ( see video) and Brad Trenwith with his years of experience in racing is also a contender. These guys will be the one to beat for any forums game enough.

If your forum has got what it takes , drop the keyboard and step up. Join in today!

Entry dates Extended.

We have received 110 entries for Forum Battle as of last night. Let’s make this bigger than ever, don’t miss out. If you would like to compete in a National CAMS event this is your chance to be part of an event that will put forums on the motorsport map, join us in March!

Dates have been extended with spots still available in all categories.
To enter today please visit link, fill out the form, send it to us ASAP:

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 02:37 PM

Pond’s pride and joy 2003 R34 GT-R Vspec II Nür (only 750 around the world ) will be on display in the Grips Shift Slide section of Forums Battle Show and shine. Pond has owned the car for two years and has only 3,000km since owning it.

So what does someone who owns a super rare car like an R34 GT-R Vspec II Nür daily drive ? A Honda Jazz of course! Laugh now, but if you catch Pond at Forum Battle be sure to ask him what other cars he currently owns, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised *cough* widebody….

Mod list :

• Oil cooler greddy
• Top Secret Carbon Bonnet
• JUN high wing stay
• HKS Hi-Power Exhaust
• Cusco zero2 coil-over
• Rays CE28 Genesis Forged Wheels
• 19″ x 10.5″

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 12:10 PM

It’s going to be a massive weekend. Spots are filling in fast. You guys would be very competitive in the FWD class against Pulsars and the Mazdas .

With 2 weeks to go, the car scene would love to have some starlets represented at Forum Battle and not miss out on the opportunity, SO we are offering show and shine group bookings at a discounted price for interested Forums. Group bookings will also be allocated individual club/ forum areas on the day.

Even if you don't want to compete you guys can still at least attend as a club in the show and shine and support your fellow competitors, check out the action, make a day of it, save some money along the way and get you cars photo taken.

Anyone wanting to also attend the show and shine on their own is also welcome to bring a friend along for free...

Motorsport categories are still available for anyone wanting to enter.

Just remember by turning up you guys will be showing that the forums are more than online chatter.

For more information or to Join visit : http://forumbattle.com.au/

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 02:57 PM

Hi Guys,

We have 117 confirmed for Forum battle . Entry for all categories are still open, and it’s still not too late to enter for AU Starlet Club. Group bookings in the show and shine will automatically get a discount price & for Motorsport entries you get a free pass into the show and shine.

REMEMBER: For a single entry into the show and shine, you get to bring a friend for free for the entire weekend.

That means for $8 extra compared to a single day non-event pass (between your mate and yourself) you get a spot in the show and shine, you get to be amongst all the action and most importantly you will be helping your forum get extra points.

Don’t just be a spectator be a competitor and support your forum today!

Visit : http://forumbattle.com.au/

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 04:48 PM

1 week to go and Forum Battle competitor enteries are flowing in . check out the competition . For the full story be sure to check out : http://forumbattle.com.au/

A labor of an unplanned build, Issac started with a turbo and clutch upgrade and like most ended up with a full re-build. 100% built and not bought. Issac has spent his fair share of late nights under the car… brakes, suspension and power, Issac has got it all covered, “I built this car with the intention of driving it hard, not hardparkd despite it looking pretty” . Keep an eye out for “Snowball” at Winton at the Vicdrift events. At Forum Battle, Issac and “Snowball” will be under the Gripshiftslide tent along with the other S15(s)

Feature photo : SAU competitor Chris’s R34 GTR

SAU first round of entries were impressive to say the least, and for second round, they haven’t disappointed. Also attending for team SAU will be a rare R31 GTS-R , one of Australia’s cleanest on display. SAU have done a fantastic job of lining up some great cars.. It is going to be a RIPPER event.

Feature car: Renee’s S15

Third big team to enter Forum Battle is MelbS15 , they have confirmed 12 cars. With everyone of them being a quality built car. Expect more of this at Forum Battle.

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 07:49 PM

Honda has demanded victory in this year’s Bosch Australian Rally Championship.

Honda Australia unveiled its two new Jazz rally cars at Bosch’s headquarters in Melbourne yesterday, and lead driver Eli Evans admits the pressure will be on to perform.

“I’ve been told this year, we must win,” Evans told Speedcafe.com.

“Honda said “What do we need to win?” and we said “a G2 car with the new regulations.”

“They gave us the new Honda Jazz, and so far so good. It feels fantastic. It feels like an improvement on the Honda Civic Type R.”

The cars will be driven by Evans and Mark Pedder and will make their debut at the inaugural Rally Calder next weekend.

CLICK HERE for more on the new Jazz factory team.

Forum battle also gets a special mention (@3:00) , its going to be an awesome weekend!

Check out our latest Forum Battle competitors, with a heap more coming this week .

The car is a 2005 Subaru Impreza RS. Micheal has owned it since the end of 2009 and bought it dead stock from Subaru docklands. Like most car nuts the modifying began almost instant, it went from pretty mildly tuned NA into a high revving, boxer pounding NA Impreza RS, as far Micheal knows, he reckons its the only NA Subaru modified to this level in Australia.

Bought back in 2010 from Carizma motors in Sydney, Phuong’s car made the trip back down to Victoria and has since stayed there as his first and only car.

Being an apprentice mechanic with an apprentice wage and only wanting quality parts, means mods on his car are limited and can be slow at the best of times. He says “I know the car isn’t perfect and still needs a lot of work, but I’m happy with the progress”.

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 09:12 PM

ForumBattle motorsport entries close at 1pm tomorrow - please ensure that you have completed your entry form to reserve a space a ForumBattle- click the link! http://forumbattle.com.au/entry/

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 04:56 PM

3 Days to go!!! check out the latest entries ....

for the full feature visit : http://forumbattle.com.au/ OR better yet come do to Calder Park this weekend and see it in the flesh!

Vic imports club member Micheal has entered his 1991 300zx Twin Turbo 5 speed manual and proudly representing VIC imports Club in the Time Attack class (Special Thanks to Rod Kershaw).

When asking Micheal what was done to his car, he laughs and says ” the car is stock standard, I use it to take elderly people to church, hahahah. At the very moment the car is still being tuned and hopefully will be complete and ready for Forum Battle, so power figures are TBA. Majority of the work was done by myself and my dad”.

Some said that he was mad for selling up one of Sydney’s most bad-ass, full of attitude street driven EVO 8 for an S15 . BUT, as quickly as those comment were made, they have been retracted and the haters have now become lovers.

Take a look at the picture and its easy why you’d sell up! Full wide-body vertex ridge kit, Custom midnight Purple, 20″ SSR, and making 385rwkw on 25psi. Yes please we would like one too! Sergio tells us the modding won’t and hasn’t stop since taking ownership, first being a Porsche brake upgrade ( currently under development) and most recently an RWB inspired front and side-skirt lips.

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 01:38 AM

Forum Battle

Forum Battle administration for the Sunday 4th of March (show and shine activities)

Calder Park Raceway Address Calder Fwy Keilor VIC 3036

Forum Battle registration show and shine Sunday the 4th
Forum Battle Show & Shine Sunday 4th

Please proceed to the credentials office at the front gate of Calder Park Raceway between 630am and 730am on the Sunday. All documentation and registration must be competed at the credentials office prior to entering the venue for show and shine.

ARC Forum Battle registration at Calder Park credentials office Sunday 630 am onwards


The Paddock/Service area or Pits for the Forum Challenge Cars will only allow for competition cars. All trailers must be parked at the south end of the Thunderdome. Any cars on trailers must be at the circuit prior to 7:00am.

admin@rally.com.au or support@forumbattle.com.au or call Sean at 0432 884 177

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