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4efte EP82 GT Starlet Head removal DIY

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Posted 21 November 2017 - 08:53 PM

This is a post copied and save from


All credit goes to Billybob well done


* M9  Spline bit  Extended  head stud tool
* 8mm(1/4 drive
* 10mm(1/4 or 3/8 drive)
* 12mm(3/8 drive)
* 14mm(3/8 or 1/2 drive)
* 1/2 ratchet
* various extensions
* phillips screwdriver
* needle nose pliers
* jack stands
* jack

first thing Disconnect the battery negative terminal first,now we can begin to remove the spark plug leads.

Attached File  headremoving002.jpg   127.72K   1 downloads

next step is to remove the cam cover with a 10mm socket

Attached File  headremoving003.jpg   129.52K   1 downloads

next step is to remove fuel injector harness

Attached File  headremoving004.jpg   136.42K   1 downloads

then you can rmove the two 12mm bolts that hold the fuel rail on

Attached File  headremoving005.jpg   120.3K   1 downloads

throttle cable and other clips from the intake can be removed vacumes etc.

Attached File  headremoving007.jpg   125.5K   1 downloads

fuel rail can be put to the right side of engine bay

next is to remove the top timing cover 10mm bolts

Attached File  headremoving009.jpg   66.84K   1 downloads

now you can see the cam gear at this point its a good idea to turn it to the 4e mark tdc


good idea at this point to remove rad hoses and turbo water lines and other ones at the back of the intake manifold

Attached File  headremoving011.jpg   74.98K   1 downloads

remove clips from around the Thermostat Housing

Attached File  headremoving015.jpg   69.14K   0 downloads

now is a good time to remove the manifold away from the head with 14mm socket.and the power steering pump

Attached File  headremoving017.jpg   55.7K   0 downloads

next we can start to remove the cams and cam gear with a 14 socket then
10mm for cam caps.also remember to put the bolt into the sevice hole on
the cam

Attached File  headremoving019.jpg   110.09K   0 downloads

service bolts picture.

Attached File  headremoving018.jpg   64.35K   0 downloads

next you can remove distributor cap[dizzy cap]12mm socket

next remove the cams

Attached File  headremoving025.jpg   119.36K   0 downloads

with this tool you can remove all headbolts

Attached File  DSCF0094.jpg   56.53K   1 downloads

heres the order in which to remove and install head

Attached File  ericsgt031.jpg   72.34K   1 downloads

bolts out of the head,,,,, nearly ready to be removed at this piont.

Attached File  headremoving026.jpg   131.85K   1 downloads

always wacth for the washers from these bolts as they can fall into ports into the sump..

also be sure to remove hose from back of block waterpump to intake hose
and there are also the two hoses that run from the power steering rack
they have to be removed better to jack car up to get to them.

now the head can be removed from the block with the intake on .

Attached File  headremoving027.jpg   124.67K   4 downloads

well i hope this is helpfull to people here on the site to put back on
make sure you Torque-down and head as it is different step

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