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In Topic: Project Starlet. Andrew

22 August 2017 - 11:44 AM

You guys got me curious.

My automatic Sera is 13/16 - same as paseo, both have 5E engine and I'm guessing similar weight which makes sense.


And because I'm a metric guy, decimal gives me a better perspective: :)

 3/ 4 = 0.75
13/16 = 0.8125
 7/ 8 = 0.875

In Topic: What happened to the forum?

16 July 2017 - 11:08 AM

Yep - Photobucket are doing a money grab. 
I suspect the management are doing a getting a quick cash injection before they sell off the assets and close the company and screw the customers.

Seriously, at US$400 per year, they'll get 1,000 customers max. If they made it $1 per year, they'd get 1,000,000 customers easy..


I've downloaded all images I had on there - only 1800 of them. I'll have to upload them somewhere safe and re-link my images in forums posts eventually.


I wonder if it would be possible to develop a BB software plugin / update for batch re-linking?  :)

In Topic: Graham's Sera(s) - SER15T, aka Serist

27 May 2017 - 06:19 PM

In Topic: Graham's Sera(s) - SER15T, aka Serist

27 May 2017 - 06:18 PM

More recent fun, I replaced the starter motor this month.


The old starter motor was sticking and not turning the engine. Only seemed to happen sometimes when hot, but of course, the most inconvenient time. Like when picking up junior from his year 6 Formal ! How embarrassing to him :)


So I finally visited a mechanic & auto sparky with my starter motor in pieces. Verdict: solenoid parts not available and the armature was too warn, not worth time & money to rebuild.

So I got them to order a Bosch unit for $280.  Bosch part # BXD062N, Jaylec part # 70-8119

I looked up the part number once I got it home, same is available for $200 on ebay and online parts stores. D'oh!


Installation time and I find it doesn't fit my engine!


My starter motor mounts with 2 bolts, one is accessible from on top of the engine, below the distributor and water inlet/thermostat block. It passes through the bellhousing and screws into the starter's mount - had to remove air inlet pipe and use a 14mm socket with extension to reach it.

From under the car, another bolt passes through the starter motor and screws into the bellhousing. Again 14 mm socket.


The old starter had one threaded hole and one for the bolt to pass through. New starter motor has 2 threaded holes.

So I drilled one hole out using a drill press and physical mounting is now same as original.

FYI for anyone reading this, I discussed on FB with Starlet ppl and some 4E engines have their starter motor mount differently to mine. So with the all this info, hopefully you know what to look out for if you're going through the same.


Next was wiring. Battery +ve feed to the starter is same, but solenoid plug is different to my wiring loom.

I had to remove the plug off the car, replace it with a new female spade connector which would grip the male spade terminal. There's no plastic locking clip any more :(

For that, I'd have to find a plug of a Starlet or something.


Now the starter motor is installed, wired up and working perfectly!


I wonder if my starter motor was transferred from the Sera's 5E engine. That would explain the mounting holes and the plug being a little different.



More recent fun, I replaced the starter motor this month.

$280 for a Bosch unit through a mechanic, but I looked up the part number and it's $200 on ebay and online parts stores. :(
Bosch part # BXD062N, Jaylec part # 70-8119


Out of the box, it didn't fit my engine!


My starter motor had 2 bolts, one was accessible below the distributor. It passed through the bellhousing and screwed into the Starter - had to remove air inlet pipe and use a 14mm socket with extension.

In Topic: Graham's Sera(s) - SER15T, aka Serist

27 May 2017 - 06:01 PM

Quick review of the XYZ coilovers ? They're too firm :(


Might be fine for a smooth race track, but not great on Sydney roads.

They survive OK and a younger person might be happy with them, but they're just a bit too solid for me.

However, because we use it so rarely, I'm keeping them. We went to the drive ins and it's doing school pickup this week while the wife's car is getting hail repaired, but not much else.
The Mrs and kids haven't complained, so maybe they aren't too bad?


I don't know the spring rate, but perhaps softer springs would be an answer. I imagine it might be worse in a lighter car, which Starlets are.

Our Sera with 4EFTE weighs just over 1000kg dry.

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