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Yesterday, 05:49 PM

To try to aid the cooling situation Im going to try a couple of things to direct more air to the radiator, starting with standing the intercooler upright.
Here is how it currently is  at a bit of an angle.
Stay tuned for more progress on this.
I also had a mate come round and assist in the bleeding of the brakes. Perhaps tomorrow I can try them out as its cold and stupidly windy out tonight.

Ive put the other non semi slick wheels back on the car also and out of interest i weighed them against each other 12.6kg vs 16.6kg (semis). I didnt realise there was such a difference. 4kg per wheel and a total of 16kgs.

In Topic: Project Starlet. Andrew

Yesterday, 11:45 AM

Given that the brakes were pretty sh*t and no amount of bleeding and replacing wheel cylinders ect is fixing the problem ...... Ive gotten a new master cylinder and put it on. Yet to bleed it up. This afternoon hopefully.


Not one to throw something away without pulling it apart to see why it has failed. Ive pulled apart the old one for inspection.



I cant really see any real major issues with it but I also havn't got any new seals to compare it to either .



Here is how it works.


In Topic: Project Starlet. Andrew

12 August 2017 - 07:18 PM

Today I had a supersprint on at Sydney motorsport Park.  What an awesome venue and track that is !!!!


Here is me chillin with some Lotus's



So it was maad fun and all ... but a few things need to be improved upon. First up ... the brakes sucked big time. 


EBC red stuff... I dont really rate them much , I got good amounts of brake fade every session.  And I think my brake master cylinder is cactus too, wich wouldnt have been helping at all either.


And the other thing that I was expecting to happen ... and it did, get a little hot. I had to run it with the heater blowing full ball just to keep it from overheating.


Other than that ... the RsR's worked really well. I think my best time was 2.30.6  for the 4.5km Brabham circuit. Plenty of Improvement there to be had.

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12 August 2017 - 07:07 PM

What pads and rotors do you run  Dougmo ?

In Topic: Project Starlet. Andrew

01 August 2017 - 11:05 PM

Has anyone tried one of these Ultra racing lower suspension braces ??  If so can you comment on if it made much of a difference .


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