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Weird Gearbox issue - ep82

07 December 2017 - 07:42 PM



So I changed my manual gearbox oil today to see if it would fix the problem I've been having including difficulty to change from 1-2, and from neutral to reverse.


I used Penrite 75-90, as recommended.


But now, I find that when the car is turned off I can go into all the gears no problems. However, as soon as I start my car and try to put it into any gear with the clutch depressed it is almost impossible. No grinding (except for neutral to reverse), just have to apply a lot of pressure to actually get it into any gear. But no problem if the engine is off.


I don't understand why this would be? Why would I be able to select gears easily when the engine is off, but with the engine running, I have heaps of issues getting any gear?


I checked clutch fluid, there is plenty. No previous signs of clutch slipping.


Ideas anyone?







Standard Gt Turbo 5spd gearbox issues

04 November 2017 - 03:49 PM

Lately I have been having some issues with my gears being difficult to get from neutral to reverse or 1st, 1st to 2nd, and to a lesser degree 2nd to 3rd. 


If I am standing still at idle, it often grinds/crunches putting it into 1st or reverse. I now start the car in either to avoid the problem.


I have also noticed it often seems to stick in gear and needs a bit of persuasion to come out of one gear and then it grinds/crunches to put it into another, and the faster I am going the more it gives me issues.


The only time it is ok is between 4th and 5th, no problems.


I know stuff all about gearboxes, and don't have anywhere to pull it out.


I have did some research but there seems to be a variety of possible causes, including; synchros; gear teeth; linkages; clutch; and one even suggested wheel bearing (WTF) ?? 


​Anyway, so I thought I might get some narrowing of the possibilities on here, since there is such a wealth of knowledge between users :)


Also, if the box is stuffed, am I best to get it rebuilt or get something a little stronger?


I currently pump out about 160kw, so nothing major, yet :)








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